Snaffle belts are available in Small, Medium and Large.

Small = 28”-32”(71-81 cm), Medium = 32”-36”(79 - 89 cm) & Large = 36”-40” (91-101 cm) (Sizes are approximate and depend on the bit required)

Larger/smaller sizes available on request. Prices for these are the same as for the Small Split Snaffle

(£47.50) and the Large Split Snaffle: (£50.00)


All other belts are supplied as per size ordered (32” / 34” / 36” or 38¾” / 34½”)  etc.

Please note: That when we are attending shows, special orders may be subject to delays

of 1 to 2 days before and after the show.

Check show dates for an indication of when the workshop/office is open.

If you are ordering a belt as a gift for someone whose size you are unsure of, please phone

us and we will be able to advise you.

Please take care, when ordering, to find out if the belt will be worn on the waist or the hips.

Extra large belts are available in black or brown only up to 52" waist and are charged as

follows for sizes over a 44" centre hole:

up to 1½” / 38mm wide belts....add £5.00

up to 2” / 50mm wide belts....add £6.00