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Bracelets & Keyrings


Please remember to include your receipt as well as £4.50 in coin to cover return postage.

Please also remember to check out the sizing page (click here) in order to get the most accurate measurement for your replacement belt.

Please Note:

Keyring sizes are approximate and for guidance only.

Postage - £1.50

Horseshoe close up

Horseshoe Keyring

1¼” H x 1¼” W  (32x32mm)


Stirrup Keyring

1¼” H x 1¼” W  (32x32mm)


Spur Keyring

2¼” L x 1¼” W  (55x32mm)


D-Ring Snaffle Keyring

3¼” L x 1” W  (85x25mm)

£10.00    (out of stock)

Fox Bracelet - 1” (25mm) with snap fastening £15.00

Snaffle Bracelets

½” (12mm) wide with buckle (pictured on either side)

¾” (20mm) with snap fastening (pictured in centre)

£15.00 each

Brass or Silver finish on Brown only

Eggbutt Snaffle Keyring

3¼” L x 1” W  (85x25mm)

£10.00      (out of stock)

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BR2 Arrow Bracelet 13/8” (35mm)   £85.00

BR1 Wavy Bracelet 1½” (40mm)  £95.00

BR4 Clover Bracelet 15mm strap   £55.00

BR6 Peardrop Bracelet 1”(25mm)   £65.00

BR5 Concho Bracelet 15mm Strap   £55.00






Large fits 8”     Small fits 7”

Large fits 7½”    Small fits 6½”

Large fits 7½”     Small fits 6¾”

Fits 7” &  7½”

Fits 7” &  7½”