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Please remember to include your receipt as well as £4.00 in coin to cover return postage.

Please also remember to check out the sizing page (click here) in order to get the most accurate measurement for your replacement belt.


Filigree Butterfly

 1½” (40mm) wide


Only available with green crystals (shown above).


Silver Star Buckle

1½” (40mm) wide


Enamel Butterfly

2” (50mm) wide


Celtic Set with Jet Crystal

13/8” (35mm) wide




Now available as a plain belt with just the Star buckle and no added decoration.


Star Buckle with crystal and decoration

1¾” (45mm) wide


Heart Buckle

1½” (40mm) wide


Large Western Turquiose

 1 (25mm) wide


Coiled Snake (Brass)

 11/8” (30mm) wide £42.50

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